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Huang Kuang-nan, Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan

In the art circles in Taiwan, because of the accomplishments in his water-ink paintings, Mr. Hu Alfred Nien-tsu is a venerated painter.

No matter whether it was in his earlier stage at National Taiwan Normal University or later at Lishui Chinshe, his endeavors won high acclaim. In addition, his frequent international activities prove him to be an energetic artist. In addition, he has established his own style of landscape painting for Taiwan. Moreover, his fine brushwork landscape painting or lyrical landscape painting contain visual feel and environmental features of modern times. Likewise, his paintings evolve from the complicated upon a simple touch. The wonderful realm and sublimity in his fine works demonstrate his significant accomplishments in painting.

Preface 序文



Preface 序文

中國山水畫家胡念祖,在畫作表現上衝破了傳統文人畫上千年的公式枷鎖,以靈活的筆墨開展出揉合傳統與現代的自我風格,而他的創作理念是,朦朧看世界、意象寫 山河,不重形似、加求神韻,他作畫的態度,大膽下筆、細心收拾,吸取現代創作觀念、保持傳統筆墨精神,經歷數十餘載的山水人生,今年七十二歲的他仍要繼續 使弄山水畫變法,繪出他的新情、新生命!

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