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Hu Nian Tsu is a native of Yiyang County, Hunan Province. His courtesy name is Xingyan, and  his aliases are Tao Jian Traveler and Old Stonebull Herdsmen. In 1946, he studied in Nanjing  Art  Vocational School and majored in Chinese painting. In 1948, he studied under Chinese painting master- Huang Chun-pi and was appointed as Associate Professor of Taiwan Provincial Normal College (now the National Taiwan Normal University). He also studied the skills of  Northern Song Dynasty landscape painting from Hsin-yu Pu. In 1959, Hu taught at Taiwan College of Arts (now the National Taiwan University of Arts). He then resigned his teaching position to be do full-time ink painting creation. His painting experiences are more than 70 years.

Hu's creations have been exhibited around the world more than 100 times. His unique painting style blends with the essence of traditional painting and the abstract expression of western painting.

He used serpentine chapped skill and sprinkle rubbing skill to reconstruct eastern modernism painting and pioneered in new abstract splash-ink painting.His creation surfed between classic and modern.He had  awarded the honorary Doctor of Arts by Dewey College and been famous in art area.


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